NAMED FOR ST. BRIGID OF KILDARE, the patron saint of agriculture, farmers & fishermen, our mission is to bring a piece of the Emerald Isle to you with traditional & unique Irish fare, premium imported & regional beer, fine Irish whiskey & a remarkable staff.

Proud to serve Locally Raised Produce, Meat, Eggs, and Dairy, ALL OF WHICH go well with Authentic Guinness Stout.

- Gluten Free food     - Vegetarian Option


Irish eggrolls - $9

Made fresh, stuffed with corned beef, cabbage & Swiss cheese. Served with chips. Dip in our own Killarney sauce.

Chicken Shots - Large $9 / Small $6

Golden chicken breast nuggets with our House BBQ Sauce. Try our Chipotle Whiskey sauce! + .50

Jalapeño Boats - $8

Split Jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheddar, bacon, & cream cheese, quick fried in our Harp beer batter. Served with Mango chutney.

Colcannon Potato Cakes - with choice of flavor:

Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, capers. - $9
Sour cream & tangy onion jam. - $8

Fries - $4.50 or Chips (crisps) - $3

Crispy thick ridge-cut fries or slices of real potato quick fried & lightly salted. Tough choice.

Macaroni & cheese bites - $6

Triangular nuggets of macaroni, loaded with tangy cheddar cheese, rolled in crumbs then crispy fried.

Onion Ring Basket - $6

Beer-battered sweet onion rings. Delicious!

Sweet Potato Fries - $5.00

Beautiful sweet potatoes sliced into slim bands and fried to a crispy crunch.

Salads & Soup

Comes with fresh soda bread. Dressings include : Thousand Island, French, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Fat-Free Ranch, house vinaigrette, oil & vinegar. Additional dressing .50

Chicken salad - $11 (Mediterranean Style - $12.50)

Seasoned grilled breast or crispy whole breast nuggets served on fresh organic greens with tomato, cucumber, red onion, real bacon bits, and parsnipcarrot crisps.

Savory Smoked Salmon Salad - $13

Premium Cold-smoked on tender greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, capers, and lemon vinaigrette.

Vegetable Hummus Platter - $12

Locally-grown veggies, served crisp over a heaping mound of our homemade hummus, dotted with feta cheese and kalamata olives.

Farmhouse salads - Dinner $6 / Side $4

Fresh greens with tomato, cucumber, red onions.

Daily second soups - Cup $4/Bowl $5.50
Irish Whiskey Mushroom soup Price same as above

Fresh mushrooms sautéed with just the right amount of garlic, onions and herbs in a savory nonmeat broth. No MSG. Available every day.

Brigid’s Burger Salad - $11

Local all-beef patty, cooked to your taste and served without bread, on bed of crispy greens. Choose any burger style from page 3.


Available on: marble rye, sourdough, French roll, Kaiser bun. Gluten free bread + 1.00 All sandwiches come with your choice of ridge-cut fries, house-made kettle chips, or coleslaw. Substitute onion rings, sweet potato fries, salad or soup + $1.50

Brigid’s BLT - Whole $10 / Half $8

Applewood bacon, crunchy lettuce, meaty tomato, Irish cheddar and garlic mayo served on thick, griddled sourdough bread.

Irish-style Reuben - Whole $10 / Half $8

Premium sliced corned beef topped with applewood bacon, sauerkraut, and melted swiss. On griddled marble rye with Dijon & 1000 Island.

Roasted & Shaved Lamb - Whole $13 / Half $8

Roasted lamb on a toasted French roll. Au jus, with sauteed onions, mushrooms, & Irish cheddar.

Pub Chicken - Whole size only $11

Seasoned chicken breast on a fresh Kaiser roll with Irish cheddar, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion. Killarney sauce or Pesto.

The Merry Ploughman - Whole $10 / Half $8

Fresh hummus, Irish cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, & roasted red pepper on our hearty sourdough. Have it griddled or plain.

Casey’s Gyro - Lamb $12 / Chicken $11

Shaved lamb or grilled chicken breast on pita, topped with onions, olives, hummus, cucumber, feta cheese, drizzled with house made Tzutziki sauce.

The Best Walleye Sandwich - $11

Beer-battered Red Lake Walleye on a griddled Kaiser roll. Topped with crisp lettuce, tomato, red onion, Irish cheddar, and zesty tartar sauce.

Walleye Dinner - One large fillet / $17

Locally harvested Red Lake Walleye served 3 ways: Pan-fried, deep-fried, or Foil-grilled. Served with mashed or French fried potatoes and a fresh green salad. Substitute Colcannon potatoes + $1.50

The Merry Reelman - Whole $11 / Half $8

Smoked Salmon Lox with dilled cream cheese & capers. On griddled or plain sourdough with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and cucumber.

Leah’s Irish American Grilled Cheese - $10 / $8

An adult sandwich, featuring American and Irish Cheddar slices melted between layers of applewood smoked bacon, sauteed onions, and pesto on buttery grilled bread. Vegetarian? No problem... skip the bacon.

The Messy Molly - Whole size only $10

Our special vegetarian sloppy joe. A heaping scoop of mock meat BBQ, topped with tangy coleslaw, held together (barely!) on a fresh Kaiser roll.

Irish Inspired Fare

Shepherd’s Pie - Full $12 / Half $8

Seasoned lean ground chuck filling, with onions, peas and carrots, combined with our special gravy. Crowned with a generous topping of mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese.

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie - Full $12 / Half $8

Now an Irish favorite adapted to satisfy the truly hungry vegetarian! Made with a base of vegetable protein and seasoned similar to the meat version, but with a bit more tomato zest.

Fish ‘N’ Chips - Full $12.50 / Half $9

Meaty cod loins dipped in our fresh Harp beer batter, quick fried and served in a basket with your choice of chips, fries or house recipe coleslaw. Served with malt vinegar, lemon wedge and tartar sauce.

Guinness Beef Stew - Full $12 / Half $8

Cubes of lean beef sirloin steeped in herbs and Guinness Irish ale until tender. Simmered to perfection with hearty root vegetables. Served on seasoned mashed potatoes with savory bread to mop-up every drop.

Hearty Burgers

All burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & your choice of ridge-cut fries, house-made kettle chips, or house-made coleslaw. Substitute Onion rings or Sweet Potato fries + $1.50 All burgers cooked to medium unless specified.

Brigid's Burger - $11

Local all-beef patty topped with bacon, wilted kale, fried mushrooms, Irish cheddar cheese, and onion jam.

Hand-pattied Beef - $9

Bison Burger - $11 Lean, with wild rice added!

Meatless Burger - $9 Morningstar brand

Choose your additional toppings

Fried mushrooms, Fried onions, Cole slaw, Roasted red peppers, Onion rings, Jalapeño peppers, Sweet potato fries, or Onion jam - 75¢

Cheese (Cheddar, Irish cheddar, Swiss, Bleu, Feta) - 75¢

Fried Egg - 75¢

Applewood smoked bacon - $1

Just picture all this atop a bed of crispy greens! Any burger is available to be served as a gluten free salad.

The Wee Folk - 7.00 per meal

Includes fries, chips, or mashed potatoes OR chef’s choice of fruit or vegetable. Meals also come with milk or pop.

Chicken nuggets

Crispy chunks of real chicken quick fried. Includes milk or soda and chips.

Mini Shepherd’s pie

Mini ground beef and gravy meat pie topped with cheese and seasoned fresh mashed potatoes. Includes milk or soda.

Grilled cheese

Served on griddled sourdough bread. Includes milk or soda and chips.

Macaroni & Cheese bite basket

Crispy on the outside, cheesy filling on the inside. Nuggets in a basket of chips. Includes milk or soda.


All current sides are vegetarian.

Coleslaw - $3

Made fresh here with a hint of horseradish.

Fresh garlic mashed potatoes - $3

Baby reds boiled and mashed fresh daily.

Colcannon Potatoes - $4

Our garlic mashed potatoes with fresh kale, green onions and herbs simmered in milk. Made to order.


Bread & Butter Pudding - $6

Topped with Irish Whiskey Sauce, this creamy delight is the most frequent finish to a perfect Irish meal. Tasty cubes of bread and plumped raisins baked in a slightly sweet custard and served with homemade sauce.

The Black Beast Flourless Chocolate Cake - $6

Premium chocolates blended with farm fresh eggs, gourmet heavy cream and a hint of espresso to create a decadent wedge of creamy chocolate silk. Enough to share...or not! Gluten-free.

Irish Cream Chocolate Cheese Cake - $6

Luscious cream cheese melded with top O’ the line Irish Cream, sitting gracefully upon a gluten-free crust. This is a premiere end to any meal, or as it’s own meal, perhaps! Gluten-free.

...and to Drink?

Fountain Soda - $2 (with a refill)

Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Mellow Yellow

By the Can - $2

Vernor’s Ginger Ale

By the Bottle - $2.50

Sprecher Root Beer

By the Glass or cup -$2

Lemonade (one refill)
Iced Tea (one refill)
Hot Cocoa

Hot Tea - Ask about our selection!

Pot of tea - $3

Coffee - $1.50

Rich and smooth regular & decaf

Brigid's Cross Irish Pub